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Visitors from the Bendigo Interfaith Council


Across two days in October we were very fortunate to welcome some members of the Bendigo Interfaith Council, led by Mons Frank Marriott, who came to spend time and discuss their various world religions. It was a truly unique opportunity to join together and share the messages of faith, peace and love with our Year 10 students in their Religious Education classes.

Representing the Catholic Faith and supporting the Jewish tradition was Mons Frank Marriott. Representing the Islamic Faith was Atailla Khawaideh, the Bahai Faith Ruwayda Henri and Sahba Haghighi and the Buddhist Faith Jampa Choepai and Adrian Feldmann.

They each shared various aspects of their faiths including prayer, celebration and religious artefacts. Students were invited to ask questions and share in the experience.

Many thanks to our visitors for giving us their time and their energy.

Mrs Kerri Bowman, Head of Religious Education