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Year 7 2024 Enrolments close Friday 12 May 2023

Vinnies Fundraising

The focus for Term 2 is about creating awareness of the great work of the St Vincent de Paul Society in our community.  There will be activities and fundraisers this term to support Vinnies.

Rug Up Day

One of these is Rug Up Day which is scheduled for the end of term. Students and staff are encouraged to wear their warmest jumpers, jackets, trackies and beanies to school and where possible heating will turned off. This is one way to create awareness of the issue facing many in our local community who experience the harshness of winter on the streets or without basic necessities to stay warm.

Children and Education

Vinnies focuses on supporting many areas of the community, including Children and Education.

“Across Australia, many children benefit hugely from support provided by Vinnies. Our services to children come in many forms, but can include kids’ camps, respite programs and homework tutoring. In doing this, Vinnies provides the children and their families a fun outlet or much needed break from the hardships they may be experiencing.

Vinnies is also engaged in early intervention work around the country, to give young children the best start in life. We help families who may be in need of parenting support to assist their young children’s development. This assistance can take many forms: home visits, parent education and training programs, or broad-based family support.”

Click here for  information about Vinnies impact on Children and Education