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Veritas Smoking Ceremony


Uncle Rick came to our school on Tuesday 30 April and conducted a Smoking Ceremony as part of Year 7 Veritas. He explained to us about Dja Dja Wurrung and the Jaara people, including the land boundaries of Dja Dja Wurrung, which we learnt covers a huge space from Kerang to Mt Macedon.

Uncle Rick explained how before you could enter another group’s area, you had to be invited in, and this was when a smoking ceremony was performed. The smoke cleanses a person, and it removes bad spirits. We learnt about the different types of leaves used in a Smoking Ceremony (manna gum, native cherry and silver wattle).

While we all walked through the smoke, Uncle Rick sang a song in his language that meant ‘Welcome to Emu Country’. The smoking ceremony opened our understanding of Aboriginal culture and traditions. It links to what we are learning in Veritas in Term 2. We are learning about Ancient Aboriginal History, with a focus on our local area. Overall it was a great experience.

Nic and Lucy, Year 7