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Veritas ‘Community in Action’


Year 7 Veritas classesundertook their ‘Community in Action’ activities for the final two weeks of term. Students chose to be involved in a range of activities that benefited our community. Activities included: making Nesting Boxes for local animals; creating Boomerang Bags; Environmental Ninja’s taking up the war on waste; creating Buddy books for primary school students; sports leadership program; making Christmas wreaths and performing at Bethlehem with our school band.

Visit to Bethlehem

Students used their class time to rehearse Christmas carols to play to the residents at Mercy Health Bethlehem Home for the Aged.

“It was a real joy to play for the people at the Bethlehem. I loved how they sang along and called out “more” when we finished a song.”(Dervla)

“What I really like today is seeing the elders happy and singing along to us.” (Vyne)

“I got a sense of accomplishment playing to other people.” (Nate)

“This whole band thing was amazing to be part of; we are so grateful.” (Majella & Amelia)

Nesting Boxes
Nesting Boxes
Band visit to Bethlehem

Christmas Wreaths

For the Year 7 Community in Action, a group of students chose to do Christmas wreaths with Mrs Welch. To make the wreaths the students cut up plastic bags and tied them to a coat hanger which had been bent into a circle. Each of the students put effort into making these wreaths; one for themselves and a second one for the St Vincent De Paul Society. On 5 December, Jim and Helen Austin came to the College to collect the wreaths. The wreaths will be distributed with Christmas food hampers to people in our Community. (Jamie-Leigh Hearne)

Sports Leaders

“For the Veritas Community Project, Year 7 students could sign up to be a sport leader – only fifty were able to participate. We spent two weeks training to be a sports leader. Then, on Thursday 5 December, we travelled to St Therese’s to run a sport lesson for the Years 2-3 students. The Year 2s and 3s split into groups and moved around from activity to activity.  They really enjoyed our games and we loved it too – and would do it again.” (Phoebe Maher & Jessica Evangelica)

“The sport leader’s day at St Therese’s was great, and we couldn’t have done it without the preparation. We played many games that had different sizes, different equipment and different amounts of people per team. We also practised running games and explaining the rules for the game to a St Therese’s group. It was great!” (Logan Van Der Hagen)

“A group of Year 7 students went to St Therese’s to run sport games with Grade 2s and 3s. The students were very well-behaved; they listened and paid attention. They played the games we ran with full participation. Thank you, St Therese’s, for a great time.” (Ryan King)

“To be a good leader you need to have patience talking to whoever you are going to teach. Many people say that to become a leader you need to be a bossy person, but actually, you can be an excellent role model.

Firstly, to be a leader, it is important to be passionate about what you are doing. A leader is someone who gives their time to others. As a leader, you need to have a positive mindset and be organised.

Secondly, being a leader is about working in a team and being a team player.  Communication is the most important thing, as well as, respect for the people you are working with. I personally think that leaders build courage and a close bond to others. Being a leader may seem uncomfortable and scary at times, but as you build confidence in yourself, you realise that you can do anything.

Thirdly, many people are not very confident with speaking to others and communicating. It is a good thing that we have the opportunity in sports leadership to communicate to the players. In the workplace, many workers need the confidence to speak at meetings and need to project their voice.

In conclusion, we think that demonstrating all these leaderships skills has helped us to have courage and become more confident in ourselves. It was a great opportunity to be part of the Veritas Community Project Sports Leadership program.” (Evergreen Sein & Harper Rodriquez)