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VCE Units 3 & 4 COVID-Safe arrangements

UPDATE: 21 October 2021

While remote learning support will continue for Year 12 students through Thursday 21 and Friday 22 October, students are now welcome to make appointments with their teacher either remotely, or to attend in person, for additional support from Monday 25 October up until their subject examinations.

Students are encouraged to make these appointments during their regular timetabled times as teachers will be available during these times for support. As formal classes are finished, we anticipate these settings being smaller forums with fewer students, alleviating much of the risk that students would face when gathering in larger formal settings. Teachers will continue to provide remote learning links this week and will support students by appointment from next week either in person or remotely.

Students who have a confirmed appointment with a teacher do not require an exemption from the Principal to attend an on-campus appointment, but Year 12 students must use the QR code every time they attend the College – these are located at the General Office, the Backhaus Building and the Marian Centre.

19 October 2021

Following the snap lockdown late on Monday 18 October, CMC has worked with authorities to contact any primary close contacts of the positive coronavirus case. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected and we wish them a speedy recovery.

Given the escalating numbers of local COVID cases across the community, the College has decided to direct the Year 12 students to remain in the remote learning format unless they have an exemption from the Principal. This decision has been made in the interest of the safety of our students and in supporting them to complete their final examinations. It is the recommended approach from various authorities and the measure taken by a number of schools in a similar position.

Year 12 students will not return to onsite learning

The VCAA recommends that any student sitting an exam needs to isolate themselves where possible and avoid unnecessary social contact. This includes weekend revision and practice exams until further notice. All revision classes will continue to be held online. Staff will continue to provide opportunities to support students in preparation for their exams.

Support for students and families during this period of uncertainty is crucial. The CMC Student Wellbeing website can connect you to a range of support on a variety of topics, and additional external links are provided on the website. It is important that students continue to check in with their Student Advocate or Year Level Learning Leader for support if required.

Year 12 classes will be held online tomorrow (Wednesday 20 October). This will be the final day of compulsory formal classes. From Thursday, online revision sessions will occur during timetabled classes to further support students in preparing for their examinations. The scheduled weekend exam sessions will not occur in an attempt to mitigate any potential risk of spreading COVID amongst large groups of students sitting their exams. Staff will keep students informed of further online revision sessions.

Year 12 students will be permitted on-site to collect books and resources between 8am and 4pm Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Students are required to collect all of their belongings from their locker and leave it clean. Year 12 students must use the QR code every time they attend the College – these are located at the General Office, the Backhaus Building and the Marian Centre.

All support for students in preparing for their examinations will be conducted remotely. Students are encouraged to connect with staff after formal classes cease.

We acknowledge that it is disappointing for our community that activities to mark the final day of formal learning will not take place. The decision was taken due to the risk that this could lead to a significant number of Year 12 students missing a number of exams. This is not a risk that we are prepared to take. We strongly encourage students to minimise their amount of close contacts during the examination period.

We look forward to celebrating in person following the exams at the students’ Graduation on 18 November.

Performance Examinations

There are a small number of students who are yet to complete their performance examinations and/or complete their final VET assessments. Due to the nature of these exams and assessments, these students are permitted to attend school and/or their VET location for rehearsal and their final assessments. These students should return home for their revision for all other subjects.

Year 10 and Year 11 students return to onsite learning

Year 11 students will return to onsite learning on Wednesday 20 October and Year 10 students will return on Thursday 21 October. By Friday 22 October, all Year 10 and Year 11 students who are not isolating will have returned, while Year 12 students will continue remotely.

Updated exam arrangements

We have attached two documents (see download box below) from the VCAA that are essential reading. We have worked through these with students in a Zoom meeting on Tuesday morning, which was recorded. All students completing VCE Units 3 & 4 examinations this year need to view the meeting video if they were unable to attend.

Students should attend their VCE examination unless any of the following apply:

  1. They have a positive COVID test
  2. They are identified as a Primary Close Contact and they are symptomatic
  3. They are symptomatic and awaiting test results

The attached documents from the VCAA answer in detail, the questions you may have regarding when students can or cannot sit the exams, what happens with primary close contacts and so on.

In the case that students cannot attend their examination, the College will coordinate with affected students to obtain a derived examination score application. College staff will support students through any of these possible scenarios.

Students completing final assessments for VET certificates should attend these on-site, as these are essential assessments. Applied Learning Students completing SWL should resume this placement provided they have not been identified as a close contact and do not have any COVID-related symptoms.

All information relating to our VCE Unit 3 & 4 examinations are on our VCE Exams Site including the attached COVID advice.