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VCAL volunteer for Scope Balloon Football on day off

Friday was class-free for most students, but a group of Senior VCAL students gave up their day off to volunteer for their school program.

Each Friday the class goes to Eaglehawk Leisure Centre to run Balloon Football League, a program for mixed-ability clients at Scope Australia. The students are field umpires, goal and boundary umpires. They work with each of the teams as support, pushing wheelchairs during three full games. They also do the scoring and statistical data.

“I am so pleased and impressed with the students and that they ran all three games with ease.” said teacher Jan Miletic. Support staff member Alana Fitzpatrick added, “For volunteering on their day off school, they were absolute champions.”

Senior VCAL class: Rowan Fitt MK7, Vaughan Gray JR7, Jonty Jackman MK11, Max Deed BK9, Sinead Gee VT8, Rachel Cole MY8, Macy Caddy JR10 & Siahna Newland MY10