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VCAL Literacy students develop employability


Ms How Kee’s Year 11 VCAL Literacy class worked very hard during the remote learning period. Some students found the IT element of remote learning challenging, but they rose to the challenge to demonstrate their commitment to being responsible learners.

The class is working on developing their employability skills this term, to support their transition from school to the workforce. These tasks include identifying the benefits of employability skills and looking at ways to be stronger candidates to future employers by further developing these skills. The students have learnt how to demonstrate to a potential employer that they possess these vital skills by composing phrases to update their resumes.

Students were able to succeed in remote learning by being able to apply these employability skills to self-manage, persevere and work autonomously. The students engaged in both live and recorded lessons, completed tasks efficiently and worked hard to remain up-to-date with their assessment task. Their commitment to being responsible learners is admirable.