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VCAL & Balloon Football


The start of the 2019 Scope Disability Balloon Football League is here!

A new group of students have stepped up to learn the ropes of the Scope Disability Balloon Football League. They will gain experience in all aspects of the league from pushing wheel chairs, umpiring and helping with registrations.

The Year 12 VCAL service class were nervous and excited to get underway with the first day of registrations. The students shared roles in helping with the payments from the clients and checking information to make sure everyone had everything they needed. They also got to socialise and start developing bonds with people who they will be helping for approximately twenty weeks.

After the registrations were completed, clients from previous years got to have a go and show the newbies how it all worked. During the three games everyone had a chance to try a role and swap around, so they had an opportunity of doing a bit of everything. It was amazing to see new clients light up when they hit the ball or score goals or points.

Our students have amazing support from carers and workers from Scope. They are never left uncertain or unsure what to do. We are all looking forward to the year ahead and to the memorable friendships that will develop!

This is the fourth year of our College’s amazing opportunity to partner with Scope and they love to have us every year. We are so fortunate to have this opportunity to break down barriers regarding people with disabilities and to really understand what it means to “see the person, not the disability”.

Keep 20 September open as this is grand final day and we’d love to have everyone down there to support us.

Siahna Newland, Yr 12 Applied Learning Leader