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VCAL 10/11 Services


In June, VCAL students at Bethlehem Aged Care painted decorative figurines/moulds with the residents. Two students assisted Betty with the napkin folding.

At Righteous Pups, the students were introduced to seven of the older dogs with an age range of two to seven years. By working with the mature dogs, the students were able to see what the mood and skills of their puppies will be like once their initial training is complete.

Students went through commands and routines that they knew: stand, sit, down, spin and roll over. They went through new commands (that the dogs already knew) such as bow, crawl, touch, lap, pillow, visit over and under. The students had a wonderful time practicing these commands and bonding with the dogs.

The student learnt a new word – Oxytocin. It is a hormone that plays a role in social bonding. Looking into a dog’s eyes releases oxytocin and it is a calming and relaxing feeling for both the dog and the person with the dog.