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Urban Bus Travel (School Bus Specials)


Coolock (Junortoun) is well serviced by a network of buses from all areas of Bendigo. Please refer to the current timetable to check for the best option for your student. Travel on these buses is paid by using tap on tap off myki or by purchasing a yearly student bus pass.

How to Purchase a myki Bus Pass  

It is not compulsory for travellers to have a bus pass; casual travellers can use a tap on tap off mykiPurchasing a pass is a two-step process – firstly families must:

  • Obtain a Student Travel Concession Card, forms are available from the General Office, or from
  • Complete the form and affix two passport sized photos (Grade 6 school photos are acceptable).
  • Attend the General Office at Coolock or St Mary’s to have the form signed by College staff, then attend Bendigo Station to purchase the card and myki bus pass.

Cashless Buses

You can no longer top up on the bus. Drivers are no longer handling cash, but there are plenty of other ways to top up before you travel. To always be ready to travel*:

  • Top up online at
  • Register for auto top up online
  • Call us on 1800 800 007

*Online top up may take up to 90 minutes

View poster below for more ways to top up.

Coolock (Junortoun) Urban Timetable

Click to view the Urban Timetable. It is helpful for students if they know the bus bay before they wish to commence using the bus.

Conveyance Allowance

Travellers who reside more than 4.8kms from the College may be eligible for Conveyance Allowance. This allowance is only available to those travellers who have purchased a bus pass.

To claim the allowance please see form below.  This form is to be completed and returned, along with the receipt for the bus pass, and returned to the Finance Office, St Mary’s, Barkly Street, Bendigo.

Route Timetables