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Uniform Changeover Term 2, 2022


For the first two weeks of Term 2, given the unpredictability of the weather, students may choose to wear their summer or winter uniform. From Monday 9 May, all students must wear full winter uniform. This includes wearing the College blazer to and from school.

Students are only to be in their sport uniform on the days that they have Physical Education practical double periods. It is also expected that sport uniform is worn with the College sport socks (white with blue and gold stripes). No other socks are permitted. The only other days that students are permitted to wear their sport uniform are:

Coolock Subject Exemptions

  • Physical Education practical double periods
  • Drama* practical double periods
  • Outdoor Education* practical double periods
  • Year 9 Agriculture practical sessions
  • Sports trials and training
  • Other exemptions as required, to be approved by the Campus Director.

* Sport uniform is not to be worn for Drama and Outdoor Education theory classes.

St Mary’s Subject Exemptions

Students may wear sport uniform on the days that they have:

  • Physical Education practical sessions
  • Agriculture
  • Drama Practical
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Building & Construction
  • Dance
  • Sports Trials and Training
  • Other exemptions as required, to be approved by Campus Director

For all other classes, students must be in full College academic uniform. Please discuss with your child the day or days that they are permitted to be in sport uniform.