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Two outstanding Drama students to perform in Top Class Season of Excellence at Arts Centre Melbourne


Catherine McAuley College is proud to announce that Harrison Robins and Seamus Allan (Class of 2019) have been selected to perform their outstanding Unit 4 Drama Solo Performances in the Top Class Drama program, as part of the VCE Season of Excellence at the Arts Centre, Melbourne in March.

Both Harrison and Seamus worked tirelessly, dedicating many hours over several weeks to research, script, rehearse and refine their 7-minute solo performances based on the VCAA prescribed structure, The Toy and The Flower Thrower.

As part of his chosen structure, The Toy, Harrison was required to use the film Toy Story as stimulus for his performance, choosing the toy soldier, ‘Sarge’, as his main character. Harrison developed a creative original script through which he explored a variety of characters from Toy Story and employed conventions from Physical Theatre to create an energetic, engaging and highly-entertaining solo performance.

Seamus selected the structure, The Flower Thrower, exploring the satirical and subversive works of the contemporary artist, Banksy. Seamus developed a complex script and used conventions of Epic Theatre to delve into current political and social issues, particularly around the futility of war, creating a captivating and thought-provoking solo performance.

A huge congratulations to Harrison and Seamus on receiving this incredible honour and we wish them both all the best for their performances in the upcoming VCE Season of Excellence.

Mrs Lisa Darlow, Drama Teacher