Transition Day for Year 7 – 2021

Transition Day for Year 7 – 2021

  • (For students entering Year 7 in 2021)

    Transition Day allows Grade 6 students to attend Catherine McAuley College for a day to experience life as a Year 7 student. Catherine McAuley College welcomes enrolment applications from all families in our community.
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    If the student has an integration aide, it is the responsibility of the Parent/Carer to arrange for the aide to accompany the student on Transition Day. If your child has asthma, allergies, diabetes, anaphylaxis, or any other medical condition that requires particular attention, please ensure that he/she brings the necessary medication and action plans. Any other medication must be accompanied by parent consent – please contact the College.

    It is important that all medical information is given to the College. A medical condition will not preclude a child from obtaining a position at the College.

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