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The Industrial Revolution: Year 9 Veritas


In Veritas this term, students are studying the Industrial Revolution, looking at understanding the causes, conditions and ideas that led to the industrialisation of Britain and Australia.

They are exploring changes in technology, for example, steam-driven spinning mills and railways, which lead to urbanisation.

During this unit, students will also look at population movement and settlement patterns and evaluate the effects of this movement on First Nations people in Australia. The different experiences and perspectives of individuals and groups, including child labour and suffragettes will be discussed.  Students will also be exploring the impact that the Catholic Church has had on society and how it has shaped the world we live in today.

Do you know what each of the following inventors and entrepreneurs of the Industrial Revolution are associated with?

Robert Owen, Sir Humphrey Davy, George Stephenson, Joseph Locke, Isambard Kingdom Brunei, Sir Henry Bessemer, Edward Cartwright.

Ms Jan Lake, Year Level Leader – Year 9