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Thank You


As we are well aware, 2021 has greatly challenged us. I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on aspects of the year and thank all in our community for your efforts.

Our theme for the year was Care for our Common Home. For this we have been guided by Pope Francis’ Laudato Si and the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG) Sustainable Living Policy. We have continued to develop the college reGEN strategy, despite being hampered by the impact of COVID. We are pleased to have progressed with various initiatives including improvements in resource usage, waste management and learning in relation to our world. We are very much looking forward to the continued implementation of the reGEN strategy in 2022.

Farewell 2021 Graduates

We were blessed to be able to gather with the Year 12 students and families as part of their Graduation celebration. Thank you to everyone involved in the organisation and planning for this special occasion and congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2021. We thank you for all that you have brought to our College and wish you all the best with your future directions and pathways. Thank you to the parents for your ongoing love, commitment, and support for your children. We extend a special farewell to families with their last child graduating.

Thank you to all

I would like to thank our students, staff, and families for our work together throughout 2022. The challenges associated with learning from home are widely known and we have all tried our very best to ensure continuity of learning through this difficult time. Teamwork is a term used broadly in our world: we have seen great examples of teamwork with staff who have spent endless hours preparing electronic learning programs for our students, students accessing and connecting with these opportunities and families who have supported their children through the process. We appreciate the difficulty this created for families working from home whilst supporting learning. Additionally, the work of our staff who are balancing the same tight rope with their own families must be recognised.

Our students have developed new and different skills as they have grappled with the remote learning space over the past 20 months, and we look forward to utilising these as we work together in 2022. As we have acknowledged the Spirit of Catherine McAuley College Awards throughout the year, it has been a pleasure to learn about people who have genuinely made this year a better one for others due to their care, support, and strength. Thank you to them and everyone in our community!

2021 Magazine Living Mercy now live!

Continuing the College’s commitment to sustainability, the 2021 College Magazine Living Mercy is now live as an interactive digital ePUB. Packed with photos and videos, this publication is a wonderful celebration of our community in 2021. Congratulations to the editorial team and all the contributors to this year’s magazine.

College Production 2022

It is with great excitement that we announce that our 2022 College production will be the hilarious musical, SPAMALOT (School edition). We have had enormous interest from students across all year levels and staff wishing to be involved More details about how you can be involved will be provided at the start of 2022. Thank you to the production team and all the best for the show!

End of the School Year

This update acknowledges the hard work done by everyone and congratulates students on completing the academic year. You can read about some highlights of the end-of-year learning and community activities that have rounded off the year, along with some news about 2022. You will receive the 2022 Commencement Update prior to Christmas with more information about next year.

May we support those in need as best we can over this break, and we look forward to seeing our students and families (hopefully face to face more often) in 2022.

Kind regards,

Mr Tim Edwards, Acting Principal

Below: Year 7 Community in Action: Christmas Baking of goods for Bendigo Foodshare.