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Swimming Carnival – colour, competition & house spirit


Incredible displays of house spirit, willingness to participate and of course talent in the pool were highlights of the House Swimming Carnival. Congratulations to Champagnat who took first place when the points were tallied.

The aim of the Carnival is to bring students together to celebrate College life and empower students to rejoice and be involved in their individual house culture. This was certainly in evidence this year, with strong participation in and out of the pool as students strived to earn points towards the house cup.

Students competed in all the traditional swimming events and participated in novelty events such as the House Scream Theme, Fashions on the Pool Deck, Egg & Spoon, Best Bomb, Tug-o-War, Cork Scramble, Jumping Sack Race, Water Polo and the Leap of Faith. The Leap of Faith was only open to the brave Year 12s who signed up to leap from the diving tower. They were met with great applause from assembled student body surrounding the pool.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who took part in making the day so much fun.