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Sustainability Report

As announced at Opening Mass, the 2020 College theme is Mercy for Our Common Home. As a College community, having a theme linked to sustainability is a great opportunity for us all to raise awareness of issues in our school environment, as well as highlight our common goal of making our school a greener and more efficient place for all.

We hope to put in place new initiatives to inspire the school community and to show respect and compassion for our environment. One of the main goals this year is to lower the amount of waste our school generates. As reported by the average secondary school produces 22kg of waste per student every academic year. That is over 30 tonnes of waste that we as a Catherine McAuley College community produces each year. This needs to change.

By implementing new practices in the yard, classrooms and canteen, lowering our waste production is a very achievable goal for us.

Eva Burtonclay McMahon & Cailin Green, Sustainability Captains