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Supporting students to achieve their best and reach their potential


I want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all students for their achievements throughout Term 3.

We speak often about giving every child the opportunity to achieve their best and to be supported to reach their potential. The reality is, for many students, this is achieved in small steps and sometimes there are hurdles to overcome. This is okay, as there is learning for us all when we stumble, or when we are confronted by things that challenge us. It is through these opportunities for development that we develop persistence and resilience.

The other key ingredient for creating an environment for students to develop their skills is the partnership between home and school. Creating open and honest communication between families and the College is essential. Building an understanding of the needs of each child allows support to be implemented and no one knows their child better than the family.

I trust that we can continue to achieve open and honest communication with all families.

Term 4 sees us move to summer uniform and the wearing of hats. The term break will be a good opportunity for all students to locate their hats for the start of term. A reminder that all articles of clothing, including hats, are to be free of graffiti and damage. Students will not be permitted to wear damaged or defaced college hats.

Finally, for this term, I would like to wish all students a well-deserved holiday break. Mr Tim Edwards returns for the start of Term 4 after his well-earned long service leave.

Mr Len Watson, Acting Deputy Principal – Coolock