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Students manufacture crosses and bible stands


Handcrafted Mercy crosses and bible stands have been presented to the College community by our Product Design and Technology students.

At the Whole College Assembly on 29 May, two student representatives from Product Design and Technology classes presented the Mercy crosses and bible stands made from a variety of woods to the College community. This is the second year of creating these gifts for display in housegroup rooms as a part of our iconography.

The process involved the College’s Religious Education domain taking on the role of ‘client’, providing the Years 10 and 11 students with design briefs. The Mercy crosses are made of a combination of Australian timbers, metals and acrylic. The design process involved the students developing their own combination of materials and exploring a variety of techniques in order to construct a product which was both unique and technically sound. Alongside the Mercy crosses, beautiful bible stands were also manufactured for use in housegroup rooms. When designing the bible stands, the students where challenged to consider sustainable methods of construction and to incorporate emerging technologies. To add the final touch, each bible stand has been specially engraved with ‘Catherine McAuley College’.

The aim of the project is to have a Mercy cross and bible stand constructed by our students feature in all prominent areas and housegroup rooms within the College.

Thank you to all the students for their fantastic efforts and craftsmanship.