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Student Voice: your 2020 student leaders


At the recent Opening Mass our student leaders (Years 8-12) were commissioned and pledged their service to the College community, including a special blessing from Bishop Shane Mackinlay. We thank them for their willingness to take on these roles.

Student voice is of great importance and we are always looking for ways to increase participation. This can improve individual confidence and more significantly students’ connection to the College.

There are many opportunities for students to become involved in leadership from Year 7 to Year 12, working with and for the school community. The Student Representative Council (SRC) comprises students from all year levels and provides a structured opportunity for students to raise issues, make recommendations and improve understanding and communication between all members of the College.

Students are consulted about significant developments and the future direction of our College. We nurture a culture that encourages and supports individuals and groups to create change, inspire action and share ideas and opinions.

The SRC is also involved in planning, organising and leading liturgies, assemblies and whole-school events such as Mercy Day and Caritas Ks.

Year 12 Captains

  • Tess Keating, College Captain
  • Will Edwards, College Captain
  • Abe Sheahan, College Vice-Captain
  • Holly Normoyle, College Vice-Captain
  • Tania Hutchinson, Faith Captain
  • Charlotte Brook, Faith Captain
  • Erin Howell, Creative Arts Captain
  • Cailin Green, Sustainability Captain
  • Eva Burtonclay McMahon, Sustainability Captain
  • Charlotte Lapalme-Daley, Applied Learning Captain

Year 11 Student Representative Council Members

  • Deanna Duane
  • Abby Perdon
  • Hunter Webster
  • Angus Warrington
  • Maya Flood
  • Katerina Pizzo

 Year 10 Student Representative Council Members

  • Andrew Beens
  • Xavier Fiske Kealy
  • Matthew Hale
  • Tahlia Bachman
  • Hser Way
  • Isabella Rossi

Year 9 Student Representative Council Members

  • Layne Austen
  • Emilia Belleggia
  • Max Harrop
  • Caitlin Evans
  • Hannah Tyndall

 Year 8 Student Representative Council Members

  • Caitlyn Brew
  • Flynn Saunder
  • Elise Long
  • Dervla Parker
  • Noah Yeates

Year 7 Student Representative Council Members

Our Year 7 student representatives will be elected after the Year 7 Camp.