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Student-led Conferences


Our Parent Student Teacher Interviews – now known as Student-led Conferences will be held remotely (using the Google Meets platform). Students with their parents/carers are expected to attend the conferences on:

  • Monday 23 May:  4.00pm – 7.00pm
  • Tuesday 24 May:  2.00pm – 7.00pm

Please note that Tuesday 24 May is a pupil-free day.

Bookings for the conferences are open from Monday 9 May at 9.00am in the Parent Access Module (PAM). Please log in with your account details at

Online Interviews and Feedback

In response to positive feedback about the convenience of online meetings, we will be running this conference period remotely. This also minimises the potential for congregations of large numbers of people in a small space. The feedback from families in 2021 was overwhelmingly supportive of continuing with remote meetings as an option. We will ask for your feedback on this again following this interview cycle to assist us with future planning.

Having families involved in conversations about learning can have a very positive impact on student learning and helps build the great sense of community that we value as a College. We encourage students and their parents/carers to book conferences with all of their teachers and their Student Advocate.

Conferences will be conducted using the Google Meets platform. This platform will automatically open when you click on the meeting link in your interview appointment. We have attached a guide on how to make bookings and how to open them.

Please note that when you click the link for a meeting you will be placed into a waiting room. The teacher will admit you into the meeting once they are ready. If the teacher is running late because they are held up, then please remain in the waiting room and they will welcome you into the meeting once they are ready.


If you are having difficulties with accessing your PAM account, please contact our IT support at the St Mary’s Campus by phoning 5445 9100.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the College by phoning 5445 9100.

Mr Matthew Angove, Director of Learning and Teaching