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Student Leadership 2024


Our 2024 Year 12 Student Leadership team is united by a common goal: the commitment to continuing the efforts of student leaders of recent years to bring our school community back together and build up College spirit. They want to be friendly, approachable points of contact for students to discuss their ideas and build positive relationships. Together, they aim to provide many opportunities for students to come together over events and activities that cater to a variety of interests across the whole College community.

“I am most passionate about bringing our school community back together. I intend to listen to my peers about issues and concerns and talk to our leadership team about what we can do to help. In the past, I have always been too shy for leadership, but throughout this year I hope to advocate and be the voice for my fellow students and continue to show myself I can do things out of my comfort zone.”

“Both Jack and I like to encourage our peers to come up to either of us in the schoolyard if they have any issues or even if they are just looking for a nice friendly conversation.”

Ella Hargreaves, College Captain

“I want the chance to be able to make a difference within the school community and wider community. I want students to feel that this is one big school that works well together and they can enjoy time spent together. I hope that we can continue to improve our school community and the students at the College but also reach out into the wider community and have an impact there.”

Jack McMahon, College Captain

“I think that it’s really important that everyone has a say, so I wanted to be the person that people could comfortably come to and voice their thoughts. I’m hopeful that the whole school will feel more connected as a community through the inclusion of spirituality and faith throughout the year. As a leader, I hope to encourage a sense of common and inclusive ground and understanding to connect people despite differences in faith. Although I’m usually a shy person, teachers and friends have supported me and cheered me on to present in front of a crowd.”

Norene Cuadra, Faith Captain

“I want to inspire my fellow students, especially those in the Karen community, to take on leadership roles by encouraging them to believe in themselves and take action. By encouraging people from different backgrounds to join in and learn more about their spirituality together, I hope to create a strong and welcoming faith community.”

“The CMCB community has such a wonderful variety of different people. It feels good to be part of a group that values and appreciates different backgrounds, views, and life experiences. I want everyone to appreciate that the mix of different people improves our learning environment and helps everyone feel included and understood.”

Mery Ku, Faith Captain

“As a leader, I love the opportunity to be involved with other students I wouldn’t normally work with and getting to know different staff members who I wouldn’t normally cross paths with. I was nervous in the beginning, but being a leader gives me opportunities to experience things in my final year of high school I wouldn’t normally do.”

“I want to make an impact, whether it be through a social justice initiative or inspiring the younger students, and I love being able to start projects that will make a real difference in the school and community.”

Jayde Jeffrey-Herbert, reGEN Captain

“I am passionate about helping students reach their potential. As a leader, I hope to become more confident and learn to help others in different ways. I look forward to learning new things about others in the school community where we can grow a stronger relationship. I have some ideas about practical initiatives we can implement during Student Advocate classes.”

Charlotte Teed, reGEN Captain

“I hope to achieve more sustainable practices that the school can adapt for the future as enrolments increase. I have ideas for initiatives to ensure CMCB is sustainable in what it does and make students aware of the effect they have on the environment for future generations. A highlight so far has been collaborating with students who have a similar mindset to me.”

Thomas Sparrow, reGEN Captain

“As the Arts Captain, I want to provide opportunities for other students to showcase their talents in a safe and supportive environment, whether that be music, media, visual arts or drama. I hope this will give students the confidence to overcome hesitancy to share their abilities.”

“I want to be able to represent students and ensure their voices are heard. Students who have a talent in the arts don’t always feel as though they have a space to be themselves, and this is what I hope to change.”

Oliver Sexton, Arts Captain

“We became student leaders this year to challenge ourselves and to try and become better people during our journey through the challenges of Year 12. Naturally, we are very passionate about sport and physical activity. We want to create an environment that promotes this throughout our school and brings our amazing College together through sporting events such as the swimming carnival and senior school representative sport.”

Henry Edwards & Tobie Travaglia, Sports & Community Captains

“I really want to be a part of the school community and work to make improvements such as bringing everyone together and developing a really strong school spirit. Throughout this year I hope to achieve a strong bond with my year level and develop relationships with teachers. I look forward to encouraging house spirit and fighting it out for the House Cup.”

Daniel Noden, MacKillop Captain

“As a House Captain, I have an intrinsic passion for sport, contributing to the community, helping others to ensure healthy wellbeing, and building strong relationships. I aim to provide a variety of opportunities for people to push themselves and motivate them at sporting events. By providing my input and voice this year, I can have a positive impact on future years at CMCB. A highlight will be working with my peers in a great, fun environment while learning from the other leaders about time management and public speaking, which are important life skills.”

Zoe Banfield, McAuley Captain

Year 12 Captains at CMCB in 2024:

College Captains Ella Hargreaves & Jack McMahon | Faith Captains Mery Ku & Norene Cuadra | reGEN Captains Charlotte Teed, Jayde Jeffery-Herbert & Thomas Sparrow | Sport & Community Captains Henry Edwards & Tobie Travaglia | Arts Captain Oliver Sexton | House Captains Flynn Saunder, Archer Day-Wicks, Jakob Toman, Daniel Noden, Zoe Banfield & Harry Johnson