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Student Leadership 2019


Thank you and congratulations to the 2018 Leadership Team, at both St Mary’s and Coolock, for their hard work and commitment to our College in our first year of being Catherine McAuley College. They have done a great job in what has been a period of challenge and change.

The student leadership structure for 2019 brings together over forty students to lead you and encourages student voice – eight in the Year 12 team, plus six at each year level across the school.

I have been in the privileged position of meeting twenty-four amazing young leaders from Year 11 this week. They spoke with so much commitment, compassion, awareness of others and suggestions for change.

Congratulations to all students who applied. It is exciting for our community to have so many motivated and passionate people with so much potential to lead this community next year. We look forward to the continued involvement of all these students in 2019.

The process for the students who applied, included a written application, an interview and checks with chosen referees and other leaders from the across the school. The feedback from students was that the speech in front of the year level was preventing a large number from applying, so this did not occur.

The 2019 team are excited about what they may contribute across the whole school in many different areas. Please support them by getting involved … things are always much easier if we are happy to get in and have a go, ‘doing ordinary things extraordinarily well’ in the spirit of Catherine McAuley.

It was obvious throughout the interviews that there were areas of need and passion in our community that required strong leaders and many spoke in detail about ways they could bring about change with support from all of us.

I am delighted to introduce your leadership team for 2019

  • School Captains: Will Tobin and Charlotte Turner
  • Faith Captains: Lileigh Rivett and Rachel Harper
  • SRC Captain: Eva Jan
  • Creative Arts Captain: Blaze Houlden
  • Environment and Sustainability Captain: Kaitlyn Smith
  • Applied Learning Captain: Siahna Newland

Please join with me in congratulating your leaders for 2019 who will be joined by six representatives at each year level to complete the leadership across the school.

Mrs Trish Schofield, Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission