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Student Activities at CMC


This year we welcome Ms Holly Speed to the role of Student Activities Coordinator at Coolock. She will work in partnership with Mrs Maree Pearce, the Student Activities Coordinator at St Mary’s.

Ms Speed comes to CMC with 16 years of experience as a school Sports Coordinator and has a strong background in netball, football and cricket. In fact, Ms Speed was part of the first-ever senior women’s football team for Golden Square in 2019 where she played in the premiership-winning team. She also played netball for Golden Square and Mount Pleasant and played in the first-ever senior women’s cricket team for Golden Square.

The role of the Sports Activities Coordinator is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the wide range of sports and activities that the school has to offer.

Term 1 is a busy time on the Sandhurst Division calendar with cricket, tennis, volleyball, and a little bit of football on offer, to give students the chance to not only participate in a fun activity and be active, but also to develop their skills, build teamwork and make new friends.

It is wonderful to have the swimming trials and CMC Swimming Carnival back in 2023. Plans are well underway for this event, which takes place on Thursday 23 February at the Faith Leech Aquatic Centre. This will be the first carnival since 2020, meaning that students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have not previously had the opportunity to take part. The carnival will be a lot of fun for everyone with lots of activities offered, including for those who do not enjoy water sports. Taking part, building up house spirit and creating last memories are the objectives for the day.

More information about the Swimming Carnival, interschool sports and lunchtime activities will be available soon to all students on Simon and via Student Advocates.