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Year 7 2024 Enrolments close Friday 12 May 2023

Staying active – from sport at school to virtual activities


Early in Term 3, students enthusiastically took part in physical activities after months without sport.


Students had the opportunity to be involved with some netball activities. Once a week, was a practice game to give players a chance to get back onto the court to play the game. On a separate day, there was a skills session that students of all abilities could be involved in to learn some new skills by experienced netballers.


Mr Driscoll provided training sessions for Years 7, 8, and 9 once a week. Each year level had their own break time where he taught them new skills or ran mini game sessions.

CMC Virtual Activities

With sports and activities being put on hold for a little while, there is a new way to get involved in a different range of activities – virtually!

Be sure to check out the new link under Student Links, called Virtual Activities – t gets updated daily:

Virtual Distance Competition

Be involved in the Coolock Virtual distance challenge by running, walking, cycling or rowing.

We will be tracking the total kilometres you and your fellow school community members cover, by year levels and overall completed distance. Standings will be published under the Virtual Activities link.

SSV Virtual Track and Field

School Sport Victoria (SSV) are excited to announce a new way for students to get involved in athletics from their own home.

There are several ways that you can be involved, you can take part in one or all the events. SSV is offering a limited range of Track and Field disciplines. Why not give each one a go? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Visit the Virtual Activities link for all information about the events and to submit your results.

Virtual Cross Country success

Congratulations to Year 7 student Genevieve Nihill who participated in the School Sport Victoria (SSV) Virtual Cross Country. She competed in the 12/13-year age group, running three kilometres and finishing with an impressive time of 12.01.



Not all the activities on offer at CMC are based on physical activity:

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