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Sri Lanka Reflection


On Easter Sunday, whilst worshipping in Church or residing peacefully in hotels, nearly 300 people were killed and some 500 injured across Sri Lanka as the result of six bombings.

In our liturgies on Wednesday 24 April we observed a minute’s silence, pausing to stand with and pray for the people of Sri Lanka, especially those who were killed or are mourning loved ones.

We pray for, and commit ourselves afresh, to peace and understanding between all people of God’s world.

A Prayer for Sri Lanka

God of resurrection life

we pray for the people of Sri Lanka.


We commend to your eternal love

those who have been senselessly killed

as they gathered for Easter celebrations,

and we pray for those who mourn.


We pray for the many injured

and for all caring for them.


We proclaim the hope of the risen Christ

as we pray for peace,

peace for the people of Sri Lanka

and for all who are persecuted

because of their faith.


We pray for peace

among the nations of the world.


In the truth and hope of the risen Christ

transform all darkness to light,

all fear to trust,

and all hatred to love,

in the name of Jesus Christ,

our risen Saviour.