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SRC – a Year 7 perspective


This year we have been really lucky to have been a part of the SRC. We have had great fun and been involved in a lot of stuff that we would not have normally had the opportunity to do.

The best part has been that we have been able to represent the students and their ideas. These ideas have been really listened to and lots has happened as a result of ideas from the students.

The SRC is a team within the College that represents the students and promotes their views and their participation in school decision making.

This year we have:

  • Listened to the students and promoted their ideas and concerns to the College Leadership Team.
  • Met with the Principal and Leadership team to discuss College direction and Master Planning.
  • Created Mercy Value and Learning expectations for all classrooms, students and staff.
  • Run assemblies and liturgies.
  • Worked with the Wellbeing Team and Learning Mentors to promote Mental Health across the College.
  • Worked with the Year Level Leaders to promote the voice of the students.
  • Assisted with Years 6 to 7 transition. We went on visits to Primary Schools to promote the College with Principal and Leadership.
  • Led the development of Veritas and the Learning Mentor program.
  • Reviewed school programs and providing feedback.
  • Helped establish and conduct activities at Break times.
  • Assisted with College functions and met visitors.
  • Participated in promoting and growing the College

Next Year: 2020 Sustainability Focus

Next year the College is focused on becoming a greener space.

We had a great meeting exploring CMC becoming more sustainable.

This work started in Term 3 and will continue through 2020 with the SRC playing a significant role. The meeting included staff from CERES, Fraynework, Danihers and CMC.

We will be guided by the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and PNG (ISMPNG) document, “An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Living”. The policy outlines the following objectives in the areas of energy, waste, water and transport.

This is exciting and the SRC will be an important part in this planning in 2020 and beyond.

Dervla Parker, Year 7 SRC member