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Spirit of Catherine Awards: Term 3, 2021


As a Mercy community, we strive to live by the values and teachings of Catherine McAuley. The prestigious Spirit of Catherine Awards recognise members of our community who epitomise the Mercy values and demonstrate Living Mercy in their words and actions.

Congratulations to the following award winners for Term 3, 2021:

Year 7 Award Winners

TOMMY WAN: Tommy Wan is an upstanding member of the Catherine McAuley College community. He has demonstrated all Mercy values evident in his positive interactions with staff and students every day. Tommy’s compassion and support for others ensures those around him feel safe and cared for. Tommy is always respectful and eager to lend a helping hand. He is welcoming to all and is courageous in standing up for what is right.

SAM GIBSON: Sam Gibson displays an optimistic and can-do attitude every day. He is a supportive friend and classmate and has shown grit in the face of adversity. Sam demonstrates respect and kindness to all and has shown leadership through his interactions with others and his work with the Student Representative Council.

Year 8 Award Winners

HARRIETT WHITEACRE: Harriett Whiteacre is a gracious and polite student who lives out our Mercy value of Hospitality. It is recognised that she always treats others with kindness and respect. Harriett is welcoming to all and embodies the spirt of Catherine in all her interactions with peers and staff.

SHELL LAR MOO: Shell Lar Moo is a student whose actions and beliefs strongly align with the teachings of Catherine and our Mercy value of Compassion. She is open and inclusive, without discrimination. Shell Lar promotes positive attitudes to social inclusion and is empathetic towards others. She has a strong sense of justice and raises awareness through her very calm and thoughtful methods, without drawing a great deal of attention to herself.

Year 9 Award Winners

LIAM TRUSCOTT: Liam Truscott is an upstanding member of the Year 9 cohort, who lives out the Mercy value of Courage in all he does. He is inclusive, caring and accepting in interactions with his peers. As a newer member of our school community, he has demonstrated a high level of adaptability and resilience.

MADDIE McLARTY: Maddie McLarty is a kind-hearted member of our school community who consistently demonstrates the Mercy value of Compassion and is well respected by her peers and teachers. She is persistent with her academic endeavours and is happy to support those around her to be the best version of themselves.

Year 10 Award Winners

MAGGIE KEATING: Maggie Keating demonstrates exemplary conduct in her interactions and activities at school and through her valuable contributions to the broader community. Maggie quietly lives out the Mercy values, showing courtesy and appreciation to staff during class, is encouraging of her peers and gives warm and hospitable greetings to those she encounters during her day. Maggie has demonstrated many of the Mercy values during her interactions with the residents at Bethlehem Home for the Aged and while representing the school in sport.

BENJAMIN REID: Benjamin Reid has created a welcoming environment in the VET Community Services classes and lunchtime room. He is courteous, friendly, and inclusive of all students, making the effort to introduce himself and get to know his peers. This is particularly well received by the quieter students. Ben leads by example through his participation and encouragement of others to drop their barriers. Ben has inspired the class to be comfortable in their environment and makes it an open, honest, respectful, and delightful class to be part of.

Year 11 Award Winners

THAN WIN YE: Than Win Ye consistently shows the Mercy values of Service and Compassion through assisting the Karen students with their studies. She helps with translations and with keeping the students on track. Than Win sets a wonderful example for all students to follow and shows how determination and persistence lead to success. Once she understands new classwork, she then makes it her priority to help other students with the concepts and understanding. Than Win is a gracious young woman who lives in the spirit of Catherine.

AMIR MOUSSA: Amir Moussa consistently demonstrates many of the Mercy values but the one that is always on display is Hospitality. Amir goes out of his way to ensure his peers are okay and feeling good. He moves amongst the social groups and converses comfortably with all students. He always shows concern for his peers in a caring compassionate manner and could be described as the “happiest Year 11 student”. He brings joy to many students’ days with his outgoing, happy nature that exudes compassion and respect for all in our community.

Year 12 Award Winners

SHAE CROUCH: Shae Crouch actively lives the Mercy values of Respect and Compassion. She makes every effort to ensure that her friends and peers feel supported. Shae is respectful and compassionate to all of those around her. Shae is kind, helpful and supportive of all those in the Catherine McAuley College community.

CALLUM BRODERICK: Callum Broderick lives the Mercy value of Respect. Callum is a respectful student who promotes and embodies the spirit of Catherine. Callum always endeavours to ensure that those around him feel seen and are heard. He consistently checks in with his peers to ensure they are feeling supported.

Staff Award Winner

MISS KYLIE HENRIKSEN: Miss Kylie Henriksen upholds the Mercy values, both inside and outside the classroom, by showing immense compassion, hospitality, respect and service to all students and staff.  She gives graciously of her time to ensure students succeed and feel valued and respected. Miss Henriksen has assisted students develop confidence, independence and leadership skills, evidenced through her work over many years with the Energy Breakthrough teams. Always the first to arrive and volunteer and the last to leave, Miss Henriksen is a valued member of the Catherine McAuley College community.


Tommy Wan - Year 7
Sam Gibson - Year 7
Harriett Whiteacre - Year 8
Shell Lar Moo - Year 8
Liam Truscott - Year 9
Maddie McLarty - Year 9
Maggie Keating - Year 10
Benjamin Reid - Year 10
Than Win Ye - Year 11
Amir Moussa - Year 11
Shae Crouch - Year 12
Callum Broderick - Year 12