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Spirit of Catherine Awards: Term 2, 2022


As a Mercy community, we strive to live by the values and teachings of Catherine McAuley. The prestigious Spirit of Catherine Awards recognise members of our community who epitomise the Mercy values and demonstrate Living Mercy in their words and actions.

Congratulations to the following award winners for Term 2, 2022:


Harlon Donat: Harlon is a conscientious student who lives the Mercy Value of Hospitality. He is a polite member of our College community, who always gives everything a go with a positive attitude. He embodies what it means to be part of a Mercy community, always respectful and helpful to others.

Sadie Field: Sadie is a vibrant member of our College community, who lives out the Mercy Values of Service and Compassion. Sadie has immersed herself completely in College life this year; she has been involved in the College production, assemblies, Open House, Athletics, Discovery Days and the Student Representative Council. Like Catherine, Sadie is impelled to help others, whether volunteering her time for events or helping her peers in the classroom. Sadie treats everyone in the community with kindness and respect.


Ted Harrop: Ted is a conscientious student, admired by his peers and his teachers for his friendly approach to others and his determination to do his best with his schoolwork. Ted is also committed to representing the school with pride in several sporting opportunities. Ted will assist others who ask for help and is an organised and successful student.

Lacey Nihill: Lacey is a valued member of the College; not only is she a polite, well-mannered student who works well in class, she also displays wonderful enthusiasm in all aspects of her daily life. She balances her commitment to her studies with busy outside school commitments.


Katie Holdaway: Katie is a valued and positive member of the College community. Katie demonstrated excellent commitment and a positive approach during Year 9 Camp, hiking over twenty-two kilometres in one day with her pack. She was a helpful and kind member of her group, doing everything with a smile and purpose. Katie exemplified the Mercy Value of Courage, and the experience will no doubt provide her with many skills and memories in the future.

Caleb Tobin: Caleb has demonstrated an excellent commitment to College life and is an upstanding member of our community. Caleb has excelled in his academic studies and is commended for his positive attitude and outgoing approach towards everything he does, including on Year 9 Camp and helping his peers in the classroom. Caleb demonstrates excellent leadership skills and exemplifies the Mercy Values of Respect and Service.

Year 10

Caliope Humphries: Caliope has quietly demonstrated the hospitality that is a valued feature of the Mercy world, through her interactions with others both in and out of the school. Whether on camp with her Outdoor Environmental Studies class, at Bethlehem Home for the Aged with residents or in her classes, Caliope takes time to welcome, listen to and include others. She treats others with a calm respect and shows appreciation to her teaching staff.

Jaxon Mullane: Jaxon is a very respectful member of the College community. His interactions with staff, students and those beyond are always courteous and friendly. Jaxon demonstrates behaviour fit to be imitated, by contributing to school activities, saying thank you after every lesson and by supporting his peers.


Layne Austen: Layne is an inclusive and encouraging member of the CMC community. She has demonstrated significant maturity and maintained her composure under pressure. Layne has shown a willingness to assist other students and a genuine care for members of our community, displaying a commitment to both Compassion and Respect.

Zachary Grieve: Zachary is an excellent role model who leads by example. He frequently demonstrates the Mercy Value of Hospitality and is welcoming and inclusive of all students. He displays a positive attitude and is a willing contributor in class. Zachary is kind, respectful and friendly to all.


Tahlia Isaac: Tahlia demonstrates the Mercy Value of Respect to her peers, staff and self. She also shows Courage by committing to all learning activities to the best of her ability and not taking shortcuts.

Renn Minne: Renn is conscientious student who is respectful in her relationships with everyone. In group work and classwork, she is always supportive and willing to help others. Beyond the classroom, Renn exemplifies compassion and care and does all with a smile, good humour and hospitality.

Lochlan Eastwood: Lochlan consistently demonstrates the Mercy Value of Respect. Lochlan is exemplary in his respectful manner towards teachers and classmates. He always puts in his best effort and shows gratitude and kindness to all, through his words and actions.