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Spirit of Catherine Awards: Term 2, 2021


As a Mercy community, we strive to live by the values and teachings of Catherine McAuley. The prestigious Spirit of Catherine Awards recognise members of our community who epitomise the Mercy values and demonstrate Living Mercy in their words and actions.

Congratulations to the following award winners for Term 2, 2021:

Year 7 Award Winners

FINNEGAN MILLAR: Finn demonstrates the Mercy values of Respect and Compassion. Finn’s interactions with all members of the College community are positive, respectful and caring. Finn is inclusive and puts the needs of others before himself.

ABBEY READ: Abbey is an encouraging and inclusive member of the CMC community. She demonstrates the values of Compassion and Hospitality every day. Abbey is super helpful to both staff and students, and brightens the lives of those around her.

Year 8 Award Winners

MELISSA MOULDEN: Melissa is a quiet achiever who lives out our Mercy value of Respect. She goes about her day, upholding respect for her peers, teachers, and the College. Melissa is courteous and always uses her manners, thanking teachers at the end of the lesson, holding doors open for others and helping tidy the classroom, even when it is not her mess to clean. Melissa listens respectfully to others and is always supportive of her peers.

SMITH HOLLIDAY: Smith lives out our Mercy value of Compassion. He is kind and compassionate to all those he encounters. Smith is constantly helping those who are in need, within the classroom and in social settings. In the classroom, Smith is energetic and gives his best all the time.

Year 9 Award Winners

JACK McMAHON: Jack is an upstanding member of the Year 9 cohort who lives out the Mercy values of both Respect and Courage. He is humble and inclusive and works to support his peers through positive interactions and leading by example.

ELLA MCDOUGALL: Ella is a kind-hearted and studious student who seeks to thrive and serve in every interaction she has with her peers and teachers. She has been nominated for her impressive displays of both Compassion and Hospitality.

Year 10 Award Winners

CONNOR MILTON: Connor consistently displays the Mercy values of Respect, Justice and Hospitality. Connor is a respectful student who promotes and embodies the spirit of Catherine. Connor always endeavours to ensure that those around him feel seen and heard. He consistently uses manners that show respect for others. Connor’s passion for justice was demonstrated in his engagement with social justice activities, such as Seeds of Justice and Justice Matters.

TSION BROOKS: Tsion consistently displays the Mercy value of Courage. Tsion has shown immense courage in standing up for what is right and giving voice to those who may not feel empowered enough to use them. Tsion’s ability and willingness to question and challenge behaviour that fails to align with our Mercy values and the spirit of Catherine are admirable.

Year 11 Award Winners

JONAH HOLLAND: Jonah consistently displays the Mercy values of Courage, Justice and Hospitality. Jonah is always a respectful student who promotes and embodies the spirit of Catherine. Jonah displays courage by always ensuring that those around him feel seen and heard. He champions equality and fairness. Jonah’s passion for justice is demonstrated in his engagement in social justice activities and his involvement in the SRC.

CLAUDIA SCOTT: Claudia displays generosity and kindness in the way she lives her life. She demonstrates Compassion and Respect to all of those she encounters. Claudia is a student who conducts herself at school in a positive and determined way without seeking praise or acknowledgement.

Year 12 Award Winners

DEANNA DUANE: Deanna actively lives the spirit of Catherine through the Mercy value of Respect. Deanna has inspired the Year 12 students to become involved in the Coolock tutoring program on Friday afternoons and she consistently demonstrates compassion and respect to all members of the school community.

PIPER DUNLOP: Piper actively lives the spirit of Catherine through the Mercy value of Courage. Piper sets an example of leadership and service through her participation in adult representative sport. She courageously faced setbacks and has exceeded expectations to successfully combine school and sport. Her persistent application to studies is exemplary and is a model for other students to follow. Her demeanour is genuine and inclusive of others and she carries herself in our community with humility and focus.