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Spirit of Catherine Awards: Term 1, 2022


As a Mercy community, we strive to live by the values and teachings of Catherine McAuley. The prestigious Spirit of Catherine Awards recognise members of our community who epitomise the Mercy values and demonstrate Living Mercy in their words and actions.

Congratulations to the following award winners for Term 1, 2022:


Myah Humphrey: Myah has fully immersed herself in what it means to be part of our Mercy community. She embodies our Mercy Value of Service by volunteering for extra-curricular activities, including the Year 7 Mass, assemblies and leading tours at Open House. Like Catherine, she is willing to help anybody who needs it. Myah is a great leader and a wonderful role model to her peers.

Will Brew: Will possesses many qualities that align with the values and teachings of Catherine McAuley. He is the first person to offer support to his peers and teachers in the classroom, or anyone in need, and shows compassion to all members of our community. Living out this value, Will has raised money for Caritas through Project Compassion.


Ben Gladman: Ben has excellent manners and works well with his peers. He is always eager to help, without needing to be asked. He is a true ambassador for our Mercy Values within the CMC community. Ben is more than willing to assist his peers, regularly solving computer-related problems. Ben selflessly assists others within his peer group. Ben models positive relations and service among the Year  8s.

Tom Smith: Tom demonstrates the Mercy Value of Service in the classroom by helping other students with their work. He shows enormous respect for his peers and teachers. Tom respects his learning environment by keeping the classroom tidy and packing up at the end of the day. He actively participates in class and is a member of the Junior Cricket Team. Tom is a role model to other students through his actions.


Jay Thakar: Jay is a respectful and respected member of the community who is always welcoming and positive in his interactions with both peers and staff. He is hospitable, going out of his way to include others in conversations and activities, as well as volunteering at the Open House. Jay’s cheerful, inquisitive and cooperative demeanour helps establish a constructive and hospitable classroom environment, making him a strong role model for other students.

Sophie Hughes: Sophie has demonstrated excellent commitment to College life and community in her many endeavours. She volunteered Open House, talking with families and leading tours. She is polite, welcoming and always helps other students who may be struggling. She excelled in her studies and sport, achieving gold in kayaking at state level. Sophie exemplifies ‘Living Mercy’ every day and is a positive and outgoing role model for fellow students.

YEAR  10

Bridie Hogan: Bridie demonstrates a range of positive values through her work in class and in the community. Her willingness to contribute to the iGEN program and Mercy Health Bethlehem residents shows an understanding of the Mercy Values of Hospitality, Service and Respect. Bridie shows courage by maintaining her focus and drive to do well, no matter what is going on around her.

Shaye Couch: Shaye always demonstrates respect to our College, through consistent portrayal of expected standards and exemplary conduct. She lives out the Mercy Values of Compassion and Service, willingly helping and including others in activities and events for all of her classes. She is open to working with those beyond her immediate friendship group, quietly living the Mercy Values of Hospitality and Service.

YEAR  11

Jack Osborne: Jack shows great leadership in the way he honours the Mercy Values of Service and Respect, by always being willing to assist both individuals and community. He has a keen sense of social justice. This is demonstrated by his eagerness to assist in so many capacities at school. Jack is always respectful of others and engages easily and willingly in conversation with his peers and staff alike.

Georgia Webb: Georgia is an encouraging and inclusive member of the CMC community. She demonstrates the Mercy Values of Compassion and Hospitality every day. Georgia shows the value of Respect to both staff and students and brightens the lives of those around her. She willingly assists students in her class, showing the value of Service.

YEAR  12

Ebony Monkhouse: Ebony actively lives the spirit of Catherine through the Mercy Value of Hospitality. She has actively supported other students to assist them with their learning. Ebony checks in with her peers in classes and supports students who are away. She consistently demonstrates compassion and respect to all members of the school community.

Jason Gillbee: Jason actively lives the spirit of Catherine through the Mercy Value of Courage. Jason sets an example of leadership and service through his participation in representative sport. He has courageously spoken about the challenges of speaking up and doing the right thing. His demeanour is genuine and inclusive of others, and he carries himself in our community with humility and focus.