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Spirit of Catherine Awards: Term 1, 2021


As a Mercy community, we strive to live by the values and teachings of Catherine McAuley. The prestigious Spirit of Catherine Awards recognise members of our community who epitomise the Mercy values and demonstrate Living Mercy in their words and actions.

Congratulations to the following award winners for Term 2, 2021:

Year 7 Award Winners

JACK OLDHAM: Jack demonstrates the Mercy value of Respect. Jack is always respectful towards staff and students. He works hard in class, is eager to participate and is inclusive to all within our College community.

CHARLOTTE ENEVER: Charlotte demonstrates the Mercy value of Service for following her passion for social justice and effects change through her involvement with the SRC, becoming a Fire Carrier and participation in the Social Justice and Justice for Climate initiatives.

Year 8 Award Winners

MEG O’CALLAGHAN: Meg demonstrates the Mercy value of Hospitality. Meg is to be commended for her contributions to including and encouraging others at the Year 8 Camp. Her outstanding role modelling of the attributes of a future leader at all times is supportive and inclusive.

CAMPBELL MACKENZIE: Campbell demonstrates the Mercy value of Respect in all his interactions with students and staff. He is an inspiring member of our school community and is to be commended for his commitment to treat and support others within our College community through his actions.

Year 9 Award Winners

HARRY JOHNSON: Harry consistently displays the Mercy Value of Justice, showing respect for both peers and staff members in our College community. He is kind and considerate, and advocates for students and staff to ensure the most productive learning environments within our school.

JESSICA MILLAR: Jessica displays the Mercy Value of Respect, being engaged and attentive in class, choosing to sit with those that will complement the way in which she chooses to work conscientiously. She always seeks clarification – as well as ways to improve – and tasks are always completed to a high standard. She takes pride in her work and in the College.

Charlotte Enever - Year 7
Jack Oldham - Year 7
Campbell MacKenzie - Year 8
Meg O'Callaghan - Year 8
Harry Johnson - Year 9
Jessica Miller - Year 9