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Span Walk


The Suicide Prevention Awareness Network (SPAN) Walk on Sunday 5 May was an experience that I will never forget.

The SPAN organisation has been running for just over eight years now and it is focused on raising community awareness and challenging the stigma around suicide. Every year, the community of Bendigo and the local region come together and walk two kilometres in town and through Rosalind park.

Each year, the numbers have grown tremendously, and it is a day to recognise those who have lost a loved one and to encourage people going through a tough time to seek support. As a group we met some of the most incredible people throughout the day and they shared some of their memories with a focus on the message that “tough times pass”.

It was good to see young children with their families, being a part of our community and learning that there are many opportunities to seek help when you are not OK. There are places like Beyond Blue, Headspace or even your school counsellor to talk and seek help. If you are feeling distant or needing someone to talk to – try a friend, a coach, a teacher, a family member or Amanda and Mark, our counsellors at school, who are great people to help in any way possible.

Thank you to Will Tobin, Rachel Harper, Siahna Newland, Poppy Brazil and Angus Warrington who also participated in the day.

Katerina Pizzo