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Singapore Science Summer School


In the July school holidays, I was lucky enough to attend the National University of Singapore Science Summer School. We stayed on campus for the week and each day we attended several STEM activities as well as taking time to explore the city. We worked with a Scanning Electron Microscope and 3D printers, we got to attend lectures on nanotechnology and global warming as well as participating in workshops on Gastronomy (food science) and animal classification.

One of my personal highlights was the Physics demo lab where a PhD student showed us a bunch of cool demonstrations. Hiss enthusiasm and excitement for science was truly inspirational, it was amazing to see the love he had for his work.

I found the week a great opportunity to experience university life as well as a chance to meet other enthusiastic students from around the world. Overall seventeen countries were represented at the forum (nine of us Australian) and we all took the opportunity to network.

Each the group of Australians took the opportunity to explore Singapore. We visited the Marina Bay Sans and the super trees. We went on a city tour and of course did some shopping.

The forum was a truly amazing experience. It inspired me to continue my STEM studies and allowed me to meet amazing people from around the word as well as experience a new culture.

Luke Harris (Year 12)

Congratulations to Luke and other senior students who have been successful in their applications to take part in challenging and inspiring Science programs. At the beginning of this year Laine Graham and Luke Harris participated in the National Youth Science Forum and Blaze Houlden has been selected to participate at the beginning of 2019 in Brisbane.

Mr Matthew Angove, Director of Learning and Teaching – St Mary’s