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Shrove Tuesday and Project Compassion


On Shrove Tuesday, Caritas harnessed the power of pancakes to spread awareness of and raise funds for its work through the launch of Project Compassion 2020. Caritas Australia partners with communities in about thirty countries across the world.

Catherine McAuley College students joined other volunteers in Hargreaves Mall to give pancakes to passers-by, hand out pamphlets and collect donations.

Back at school, leaders cooked stacks of pancakes at both Coolock and St Mary’s, with donations going to Project Compassion. A highlight at St Mary’s was the traditional Pancake Race in Wright St with representatives from our houses taking part.

Project Compassion Week 1 Story

We believe we are one human family and have a responsibility to help each person achieve their full potential. This is the common good. In this time of increasing global change, conflict and inequality, the principle of the ‘common good’ is now more important than ever. This is one of the reasons Project Compassion 2020 takes the theme of Global Community – Go Further Together.

Shirley, 36, is an indigenous Manide woman living in a remote province in the Philippines. She is a mother of four and the sole breadwinner of the family, as her husband is sick. Shirley was struggling to support her family and keep their children in school. She faced regular discrimination and disadvantage, limiting her family’s access to food, education, employment and healthcare.

With Caritas Australia’s support, Shirley trained to become an indigenous health worker. She has learnt to supplement her income and is able to feed her family. The program has also empowered Shirley to send her children to school.

Indigenous minorities in the Philippines are amongst the most vulnerable people globally. Today, you can help people like Shirley, and her children gain confidence and respect within their community. Let’s Go Further, Together.

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Caritas Challenge

Student Representative Council (SRC) students are working together to finalise plans for the Caritas Challenge at the end of term. Students will be considering how they can act in solidarity to encourage awareness and provide support locally and globally. Further details will be in the next newsletter and sent out to families.