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Showcasing Year 8 Printmaking and Pattern


These striking images were created during the Year 8 Art and Design ‘Printmaking and Pattern’ unit. Students explored ‘What is pattern?’ and ‘How to create a pattern – designing and creating a section that could link and repeat’.

Planning work included design, creating visual links, measurements and checking links. There were many varied designs presented displaying bold areas, thin lines and use of positive and negative space. Patterns that rotate or are linear were also been explored and created.

Students developed their skills in design application, carving, ink application, team work in registering and maintaining a clean work area and window mounting for presentation.

Well done to all of the participating students in the 8A1Art and Design Class on their excellent efforts.

Mrs Louise Richardson, Art Teacher

Tia Watters Year 8 Art Design Printmaking
Elise Flood Year 8 Art Design Printmaking
Emila Hamilton Year 8 Art Design Printmaking
Madeline Bennet Year 8 Art Design Printmaking
Harrison King Year 8 Art Design Printmaking