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Sheep and Wool Show success


After months of practice and preparing our sheep, Catherine McAuley College (CMC) students and staff were ready for the Australian Sheep and Wool Show, which was held in Bendigo from 21 July.

CMC’s show team of six ewes was part of this year’s Polwarth feature breed celebrations. Students in the Year 9 Agriculture elective and the Certificate II Agriculture class prepared and looked after the show sheep while junior Agriculture students were involved in the daily management and feeding of the flock.

We are delighted to announce that CMC received Winner of Feature Breed (Polwarth) and also came away with second in the Ewe 2 1/2 years and older class.

Congratulations to all the students for your contribution to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2019 and to the following award winners:

  • Indiana Crone (Overall Junior Polwarth winner)
  • Tom Hernon (Polwarth Junior Fleece Judging)
  • Todd White (Polwarth Junior Handler)

Encouragement Awards:

  • Tahlia Anderson
  • Amy Wriggleworth
  • Matilda-Grace Cathary
  • Araura-Jayde Murrell
  • Mitchell Thompson

Special thanks to our committed and hardworking Agriculture staff for making this learning experience possible for our students: Ms Shannon Kjaer, Mr Scott Vaughan, Ms Teleah Thorne and Mr Matt E’Strange.

Our passionate students not only exhibited our sheep but assisted other Polwarth breeders from local and interstate studs. Our students demonstrated skill and showmanship. CMC students and teachers are enormously appreciative of the Polwarth Association and all of the Polwarth exhibitors for their support, guidance and encouragement.

A large group of Agriculture students also took part in the Ross McKenzie Program on Friday, learning a lot from the sessions on sheep diseases, wool classing, lamb autopsy, careers and shearing.

In the week leading up to the show, CMC Agriculture students volunteered to help set up the show. Students spent the morning penning – setting up over 300 temporary sheep pens with rails, gates and hay. They also assembled dozens of boxes to assist with the alpaca wool judging.

“They worked hard, they worked safely, they worked together, in noisy, dirty conditions and with supervisors they didn’t know. They were awesome!” (Ms Shannon Kjaer, Agriculture Teacher)

Click here to read more about the Agriculture program and the great support we receive from breeders and the Polwarth Sheep Breeders Association of Australia.