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Senior Arts Exhibition & Awards


Students, staff and families, immersed themselves in the arts on Tuesday night, enjoying the talents of our senior visual and performing arts students.

Commencing with the Senior Arts Exhibition in the Marian Foyer, the College’s most prestigious visual arts awards were announced (see below). We were delighted that special guest and past student Marcia King was able to attend for the announcement of the JRS Award and to meet the recipient, Soraya Knight.

The evening’s entertainment and fun continued with performances by the Years 10 and 11 Drama students who presented their final ensemble and solo performances.

Speaking about the evening, Mrs Louise Richardson, Head of Arts, said, “This evening is not only a way to showcase beautiful artworks, clever designs and competent skills across a range of platforms, it is also a recognition of the consistent effort and dedication it takes to work through a creative process. Pushing and forming ideas into something that will inspire for weeks, sometimes months. The journey includes learning of new skills, exploration, failures and successes. It is about taking that initial idea and turning it into something special – making it the best it can be, whether it be an artwork, a piece of design, video or a performance. Thank you to all the parents who have travelled through this process as well. We congratulate our arts students for the dedication and effort they have displayed this year and we sincerely thank the individuals and organisations who support our arts students by sponsoring these awards.”


Religious Art Award

  • Lilly Skipper (Year 11, VT8)

The Religious Art Award is given by the College Faith Team and encourages students to celebrate and express our Christian faith in creative and life-giving ways. The award-winning piece, titled  ‘Dinner’s Cancelled’, will be exhibited at the MacKillop Arts Exhibition which opens on 16 November in Sacred Heart Cathedral.

The JRS Award

  • Soraya Knight (Year 12, JR10)

The JRS Award is presented by artist and past student Marcia King, to a graduating Year 12 student who demonstrates strong talent in folio development and very high skills in the production of their final artwork.

Newly re-named, the ‘JRS’ stands for Josie Lowerson, Rhonda Alexander and Sharon Cruise in recognition of the teaching staff who inspired and helped ignite Marcia’s passion for the arts.

Margaret Bowden Memorial Award

  • Jayde Kellett (Year11, CH10)

Given by the Friends of the Bendigo Art Gallery, the Margaret Bowden Memorial Award is presented to a Year 11 student who is strong in their art studies, continuing with their visual art studies into Year 12 and has been active in the promotion of arts in the wider community.

The award has been re-named in 2018 in honour of Margaret Bowden who was a strong advocate for the arts and instrumental in establishing this bursary for all VCE schools in Bendigo.

La Trobe University and Catherine McAuley College Acquisition Award

  • Harrison Skinner (Year 12, MY11)

The Acquisition Award is sponsored by La Trobe University and Catherine McAuley College and goes to a Year 12 student who has demonstrated excellence and passion in the production of their art folio. The acquisition piece becomes part of the Catherine McAuley Arts Collection.

Cavalier Art Prizes

  • Ella McDermott (Year 10, MK8)
  • Po Tu (Year 11, JR10)
  • Sadie Coughlan (Year 11, MK7)

Donated by Cavalier Art Supplies, these prizes are given in recognition of consistent effort and an improvement in art results.

Arts Award Winners
Soraya Knight with Marcia King
The JRS Award: Soraya Knight
Religious Art Award: Lilly Skipper
Religious Art Award: Lilly Skipper - detail
Acquisition Award: Harrison Skinner
Acquisition Award: Harrison Skinner
Jayde Kellett - Folio
Cavalier Art Prize: Po Tu
Arts Awards Night