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Seeds of Justice: Don’t Keep History a Mystery


From 31 May to 1 June I attended the Mercy Education Seeds of Justice Conference, together with Georgia Skinner, Darcy Reading and Charlotte Brook. This year we were lucky enough to have the conference scheduled during National Reconciliation Week, with the 2018 theme being ‘Don’t Keep History a Mystery’. This fitted well with the conference theme ‘Stories of Reconciliation and Mercy’

During the conference we heard from guest speakers Lidia Thorpe, a Gunnai-Gunditjmara women who is a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Northcote, and Scott Darlow, an Australian singer/songwriter based in Melbourne, who explored the personal stories of his heritage through his music, showcasing his didgeridoo skills and acoustic rock. Both speakers were extremely inspirational as they shared their experiences and challenges of growing up as Indigenous Australians, giving us a better understanding of the injustices directed towards our first Australians.

Throughout the conference we participated in many group activities, including a traditional smoking ceremony, with other Mercy schools from around the state, discussing ideas of how we can better show reconciliation within our schools and work towards justice and equity within Australia.

Overall the conference was an amazing experience. Meeting other like-minded young adults with a passion for social justice made the opportunity even more special.

Madison Hoey

The Mercy Education Seeds of Justice conference was a really great experience for people who have a passion for social justice. It was a good opportunity to meet like-minded students from other Mercy schools within the state to discuss issues relating to Reconciliation Week. The conference program was filled with incredible activities and guest speakers who were truly inspirational. Their stories were an eye opener to the untold history of the country that we all call home. I would highly recommended the conference to other members of the College who have a strong passion for social justice and the desire to create positive change in our world.

Georgia Skinner

Below:Darcy Reading, Charlotte Brook, Madison Hoey and Georgia Skinner with guest speakers Scott Darlow and Lidia Thorpe and taking part in the Seeds of Justice Conference activities.