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Science Week STEAM Pracs at Coolock


At Coolock, throughout the year and especially during Science Week, our STEAM classes connect with and consolidate their understanding of the theoretical content by taking part in a range of practical science activities. The laboratory spaces buzz with energy as students from all year levels embrace hands-on experiments, fostering scientific thinking and collaboration. 

As Term 3 draws to a close, all year levels are exploring Biological Sciences, with Year 7 groups exploring the classification of living things, by engaging in practical dissections of squid and prawns, or different flower varieties to learn more about the differences between various species.


Year 7 Escape Room

Year 7 Squid and Prawn Dissection

Year 8 classes are completing a unit on microbiology, where they have explored bacteria around us, swabbing a range of surfaces and growing their resultant bacteria on agar plates, with some very interesting (and disgusting) results!

In Year 9, students are learning about body systems, with classes involved in heart dissections to examine and learn more about the functions of the heart. To wrap up the final sessions at the Bendigo Tech School, students designed and created a prototype of a biomedical device, with some very innovative designs.

Year 9 Heart Dissection

Some groups also completed a Science Week Escape Room, where teams needed to complete a task to crack the code for a range of fun and engaging activities, fostering critical thinking and collaboration.

Ms Bethany Amsing, Maths and Science Learning Leader