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Safe on Social Media – Parent Information Evening


Wednesday 15 March 2023, 7 – 8.30pm

With Anna Hayes from Safe On Social

Concerned about your children’s safety on social media? Looking for the answers but not sure where to turn? The Safe on Social Media presentation and Q&A session delivers real life case studies and strategies to help parents support their children.


  • Online safety and using social media with awareness.
  • What you signed up for – we explain terms and conditions of use and what they mean.
  • Keeping your personal information private.
  • Sexting and image-based abuse and the law. (age-appropriate).
  • Online stranger danger and what grooming might look like and what to do.
  • Cyber-bullying, online harassment, and how to report it.
  • Known scams, hoaxes, deepfake, fake news, and misinformation.
  • Group Chats and strategies to manage them better.
  • Identity theft.
  • Legal responsibilities.
  • Privacy settings.
  • Online gaming safety.
  • Strategies to build resilience.
  • Posting and sharing photos and the law.
  • Respectful online relationships and consent.
  • How to create a positive digital footprint.
  • We leave plenty of time for questions.
  • We also cover the most popular social media apps and trends, what they are, how they work, security, and privacy tips for safe use as we know “don’t” doesn’t work.

FIND OUT MORE: Visit the Safe on Social website


After a 20+ year career in Cyber Security and IT Business Consulting, in 2014 Kirra Pendergast founded Safe on Social Media Pty Ltd after experiencing serious and relentless cyberbullying and trolling herself.

Kirra is a leading expert on the topic of Cyber Safety and speaks about the topic and her own experience, to 1000’s of people each week. Kirra presents to students K-12, teachers and parents at schools across Australia and New Zealand. She is also regularly asked to speak at legal seminars, government and business events, conferences and consults too, and advises organisations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Kirra is a regular media commentator on the subject of Cyber Safety.