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Sacred Heart Cathedral Choir Scholarships 2020


Valuable scholarships are available to students attending a local Catholic primary school or Catholic secondary in the Bendigo region to sing in the Sacred Heart Cathedral Choir.

In addition to learning to read music and work as a member of a team, choir members are exposed to an extensive repertoire of music ranging from the 10th to the 21st centuries. Many pieces of music have been specially written for the Cathedral Choir.

The present Cathedral Choir was founded in 1857, for the opening of the stone St Kilian’s Church and moved to Sacred Heart Cathedral when it opened in 1901.  The choir stands proudly in the great tradition of Catholic church music, its repertoire ranging from Gregorian chant to compositions by contemporary composers, some specially composed for it.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Choir scholarships are offered by the Diocese of Sandhurst to support the liturgical music program of the Cathedral and diocesan liturgies.

Holders of these scholarships are usually educated at a Catholic secondary college or a Catholic primary school in the Bendigo region. Alongside their involvement in the musical and spiritual life of the Cathedral, scholarship holders also contribute, as students, in the musical life of their schools.

The scholarship scheme provides an opportunity for girls and boys with appropriate musical talent to receive an academic schooling of the highest quality at Bendigo’s finest Catholic schools, alongside an exceptional musical education in the Cathedral Choir.


To be eligible to apply for these scholarships, girls and boys must normally be able to enrol in Year 5 at a Catholic Primary School or any year level at a catholic secondary college in the year in which the scholarship is taken up. In special circumstances, girls and boys may also be admitted to a scholarship earlier than Grade 5.


Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of an audition, and students must satisfy normal entrance requirements of their school. The audition will include the singing of Silent Night, or Advance Australia Fair, or Happy Birthday, ear tests where a candidate has to sing back notes played to them, as well as a short reading of a simple story. Candidates who play (or intend to play) a musical instrument are well suited to the challenges of a cathedral chorister.


Subject to annual review of musical and academic performance, and demonstration of the appropriate level of commitment and participation, choral scholarships extend to the completion of Year 12 at Catholic school in the area.


  • Members of the Cathedral Choir are required to be fully involved in the activities of the Choir from the beginning of Term 1 until Christmas Day each year.
  • Scholarship holders are required to attend regular rehearsals and services, normally at the following times or at alternative times to be announced:


  • Each Thursday from 6.30pm – 8.00pm rehearsals at the Cathedral AND
  • Sunday usually beginning at 10.00am for rehearsal before the 11.00am Mass at the Cathedral.

In addition to the above regular requirements, Cathedral Choir Members are expected to attend special rehearsals and services as required from time to time. These would include services during Holy Week and other special occasions.


Part-remission of Tuition Fees at a Catholic School in the Bendigo region. The scholarship will be worth $1200.00 in 2020.


Auditions for a place in this famous, friendly and vibrant choir which has just celebrated its 162 year will be held in the Cathedral Choir Room on Saturday December 14, 2019, beginning at 8.30am in the Choir Room at Sacred Heart


The Organist & Director of Music, Mr John F Hogan

PO Box 581, Bendigo. 3552

Telephone: 03 5443 0363


APPLICATIONS should be addressed as above, on the prescribed form – download below.