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Student-led Conferences – Term 3, 2022


Bookings are open 

Student-led Conferences will be held on Thursday 4 August 4pm-7pm and Friday 5 August 10am-4pm. (Please note that Friday 5 August is a pupil-free day.)

Online conferences will be held over two days to facilitate the subject selection process.

  • Bookings open: 9am on Monday 18 July in the Parent Access Module (PAM)
  • Interview bookings with your child’s 2022 subject teachers and Student Advocate (if required) can be made by logging into PAM and clicking the booking link to the right.
  • Students currently in Year 9 and Year 10: a compulsory conference with their Student Advocate should be booked to support them in their 2023 subject selection process. This interview will be in addition to subject teacher interviews. Your child’s Student Advocate will support and guide the subject selection process and students will complete their subject selections online. A receipt of the subjects will then be emailed to the student and parents/carers.
  • Students currently in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 11: will complete their subject selection with their Student Advocate at school, however, parents/carers are welcome to make an appointment with their child’s Student Advocate during the Student-led Conferences if needed.

We encourage you to begin a conversation with your child regarding their interests and future pathways. It may be that they are not yet sure, and this is understandable, but these conversations should support them to identify areas that they find interesting and are passionate about. College website resources; independent research; meetings and communication with our careers team; dialogue with subject teachers; and conversations with family and friends are recommended preparation for the meeting.