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Year 7 2024 Enrolments close Friday 12 May 2023

Remote Learning FAQs



1. What is happening on Tuesday 16 February & Wednesday 17 February?

All students Year 7 – 12 will be required to stay home for remote learning. Please refer to our remote learning guide for details on the platforms we use.


Due to our Year 7’s having limited experience with the CMC process for remote learning, the College has decided to lessen the impact and provide their learning via our online platform SiMON only. Year 7 students can expect an email from their Period 1 Tuesday Teachers by 8:55am on Tuesday 16/2. This email will invite the students to click on a link to a Google Meet where their teacher will explain how to access SiMON Learning Areas. Please don’t panic if this causes any difficulty, just email your teacher to let them know.


All students Year 7 – 12 will be directed to use SiMON Learning Areas as the main platform to access the work set by teachers. Please access individual subject/teacher requirements in the Class Notices section of SiMON Learning Areas. Please note that teachers may require classes to meet via Google Meet – this will only occur during normal schedule class times and your teacher will provide details in the Class Notices section.

2. Who do I speak to if my child can’t access remote learning or struggling with the allocated work?

If your son/daughter encounters any difficulties, please contact their classroom teacher or Student Advocate by email. If they are experiencing IT difficulties, they can email the IT Team directly on:

3. How will I (the parent/guardian) know what work my child needs to complete?

Your child’s teachers will detail the work they are required to complete on SIMON Learning Areas. We encourage you to check this with your child.

4. What do I do if my child’s laptop needs repairing or we are having technical issues?

If your child/ren is having technical issues or laptop repairs are required, please email IT Dept:

5. Where do I find the latest communications from College?

Families are encouraged to download the Catherine McAuley College App which gives you access to PAM and our latest communications on your smartphone. The latest communications from the College and Remote Learning documentation can be found on SIMON & PAM Daily Notices.

6. What do I do if my child needs to attend CMC as I am an essential worker?

Please complete the following link to register your child’s attendance: Onsite Supervision Register.

It is a requirement for anyone who completes the on-site learning form to read the details included in the form regarding eligibility and on-site requirements.

7. Can my child still catch the bus to/from school?

School buses will be running as normal for the period of Remote Learning for students requesting to be on-site and meeting the specific criteria.

8. Previously planned school activities?

Obviously, the Circuit Breaker lockdown has had an instant impact on school operations. We will continue to be guided by the State Government and CECV Guidelines. Our most recent update states that all proposed Camps, Excursions, Incursions & Gatherings are to be postponed. Please contact a College Deputy Principal if this requires any clarification.

9. Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Liturgy will be accessed by all Period 1 teachers this Wednesday (February 17) and class Google Meets will occur to undertake this important liturgy.