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Remembrance Day Poetry by Year 9s


Year 9 students wrote these acrostic poems on Remembrance Day. Students thought about what they knew, did some research, shared information and then wrote their poems.

Mrs Karen McDougall, English Teacher


Resolution of the first war
Enemies stopped attacking
Moment of silence
Every year
Many people wearing poppies
Battlefields  left behind
Remembrance Day traditions
Armistice Day
Nations around the world fall silent.
Countries effected
Everyone stops at 11am

Day to remember
Agreed truce
Yelling and cheering once the Armistice came along.

(Holly Ryan)


Respect for the soldiers
Emphasis for the families and soldiers
Minute of silence
Every nation cries
Many countries unite
Bloody war
Remember the pain
Never give up
Consider the soldiers
Everyone comes together

Death, millions of deaths
Armistice Day
Your ancestors



Real fighters don’t take down
Even when all hope is lost and
Monsters threaten our very existence
Even when we feel trapped
Many rise to the call
Born to fight to the end
Remember, we recognize the loss of you
Absence of you burns deep in our hearts.
None were braver, our
Country you saved
Every moment pains deep within

Destined to fight
All of you gave us hope in the dark
Your light shines bright, now rest

(Josh Hancock)


Red poppies worn
Everyone is torn
Minute of silence
Empty of violence
Mourning and loss
Beneath the crosses
Resilience is due
A new dawn will brew
No more battle grounds
Courage remains
Empathy is shown

Diggers can’t come home
Another year passes
Yet it will not be the last- full of respect

(Hannah Maher)


Remembering the fallen
Every year
Minute of silence at
Eleven o’clock
Men and woman died on
Battlefields covered in blood
Rosemary to remember them
Australia is where we celebrate this
Never forgotten day
Conflicts come to an
End, bringing peace for us

Dare we forget those
As we live our lives
Yearly we remember