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Re-scheduled Cross Country goes ahead in perfect conditions



After being rained out on the first scheduled date for the Sandhurst Cross Country event, we were successful the second time around, with perfect Cross Country weather conditions.

Thirty-three students in total, from both Coolock and St Mary’s campuses, travelled by bus to Sebastian Recreation Reserve to compete. All students participated with enthusiasm, tried their best and finished with some excellent results.

Congratulations to the following students who placed in the top three of their age group:

First Place

  • Cooper Rea: 14yr Boys

Second Place

  • Abbey Reid: 13yr Girls
  • Charlie Bannan: 13yr Boys
  • Jaidi Jackson-Leahy: 14yr Boys

Those students have qualified for the Loddon Mallee Regional Finals and will be joined by the following students, who all finished in the top twelve of their age groups: Kai Pearce, Gus Hay, Kade Hutchinson, Genevieve Nihill, Caitlin Kelly, Milla Finch, Daniel Noden, Phoebe Maher, Sarsha Pearce, Maddison Bray, Lilly Franklin, Thomas Reid, Joshua Evans, Caitlin Evans, Zoe Flynn and Saige Finch.

The overall results for Catherine McAuley College on the day were:

  • Boys: 3rd Place
  • Girls: 2nd Place
  • Overall: 2nd Place

These were fantastic results; congratulations to all the students who competed for your incredible efforts. The Loddon Mallee Regional Finals will be held in St Arnaud on Tuesday 1 June.


Abbey Reid, Zahli Van Emmerik, Samantha Wilson, Lilly Hope, Genevieve Nihill, Caitlin Kelly, Milla Finch, Claire Darke, Matilda Hall, Maddison Bray, Phoebe Maher, Sarsha Pearce, Lilly Franklin, Saige Finch, Charlie Bannan, Kai Pearce, Joseph Buchanan, Oliver Stewart, Jaidi Jackson-Leahy, Kade Hutchinson, Cooper Rea, Gus Hay, Daniel Noden, Jake Austin, Corey Sole, Campbell Evans, Caitlin Evans, Joshua Evans, Zoe Flynn,  Hea Savior Moo Poe, Hea Ven Moo Poe, Benjamin Reid, Thomas Reid

Charlie Bannan
Cooper Rea & Jaidi Jackson-Leahy
Abbey Reid
Caitlin Evans
Joshua Evans
Charlie Bannan
Genevieve Nihill
Sandhurst Cross Country
Sandhurst Cross Country