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Principal’s Update – Start of Term 3


Dear Catherine McAuley College Community Members,

We hope that you have had a restful break and have not been impacted by the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 and the lockdown. This is just a quick update to explain the latest direction from the authorities.

Term 3 – Semester 2

As it stands, on Monday 13 July, all CMC students are returning to their normal Semester 2 timetabled program. As a College situated in the Sandhurst Diocese we are not currently impacted by the lockdowns enforced in the Melbourne Metropolitan area and the Mitchell Shire, that starts just south of Heathcote. We decided not to bombard you with updates until we had some clear indication rather than heighten people’s anxiety with changing information and potentially ruining holidays as a result.

The good news is we will recommence under the same conditions that were in place at the close of Term 2. Students will be provided the same information relating to COVID-19 safety standards and staff will continue to distance themselves and follow the existing instructions. There will be no temperature testing on site. Please see the information that was sent prior to the holidays detailing uniform and other details associated with the return for this semester. If you have not been accessing PAM, please remember to check the Semester 1 reports and the other information that has been circulated prior to the end of term.

Staffing Update

There has been a change in leadership roles for this semester. The reason for the change is to provide new experiences and roles as part of our leaders’ formation and development. This semester Mrs Trish Schofield will be the Campus Leader at St Mary’s, Mr Ben Fitzpatrick will assume the reigns as Campus Leader at Coolock and Mr Timothy Edwards will be leading innovation and direction in the role of Administration and Major Projects Leader. There are some significant programs commencing through the next semester and Tim will be supporting the facilitation and development of various programs such as iGEN, reGEN, and the development at Coolock, just to name a few.

Year 7, 2021

Finally, we have well in excess of three hundred Year 7 enrolment applications and the offers will be shortlisted by this Friday and successful families contacted in the coming week.

Thank you

Thank you for your support, our prayers and thoughts are extended to all who are impacted in so many ways by the pandemic. We know that this term could be disrupted at any point in time but have the comfort of knowing we have the experience of last term and successful transition and program last time round.

Please remember if you have any concerns about the wellbeing of your son or daughter, in a unique time, then contact the College so we can support them and you together, the partnership between home and school has never been as important around communication.  Please contact the student mentor firstly, and or a Year Level Learning Leader.

Regards and welcome back.

Mr Brian Turner, Principal