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Principal’s Update


Congratulations to our Class of 2018 who celebrated their Graduation Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral last week. The theme of the mass was to reflect on the students’ time at our College, but more significantly, their readiness for life beyond.

The reflection below is taken from the Graduation Mass booklet – a beautiful piece that recognises that we have been enriched by the Class of 2018’s involvement at our College. Further, it challenges our graduates to be people of Mercy in our world. May they aspire to make positive change and continually live mercy in accordance with our College motto, Living Mercy.

Our celebrant and concelebrants were Fr Rob Galea, Fr Andrew Fewings and Fr Wahid Riad. We thank them for their support and we would also like to acknowledge the many other clergy who contribute to our College throughout the year.

Thank you to our musicians, who were brilliant, our families for their ongoing support and to our staff, particularly Mrs Trish Schofield who prepared this wonderful opportunity for us to come together and celebrate the conclusion of time at Catherine McAuley College for these fine young people.

Informal celebrations continued after the Graduation Mass at All Seasons where students and families enjoyed an opportunity to reflect on individual growth, formation and readiness for what lies ahead.

We wish the Class of 2018 well and we know that they will stay connected with our College.

Mr Tim Edwards, Deputy Principal – Coolock

From the 2018 Graduation Mass booklet:

Living Mercy

To the class of 2018, congratulations and welcome to your Graduation Mass. We come together to give thanks to our God for the many blessings and opportunities you have experienced during your time at Catholic College Bendigo and Catherine McAuley College.

We have been enriched by your presence and contribution to the life and community of the College and for this we thank you.

May you continue to be people of Mercy, agents of change in our world and strive to emulate the Gospel/Mercy Values in all you do beyond Catherine McAuley College.

May you take time to reflect on these beautiful words:

Mercy received, Mercy given’

God, companion on our journey:

You are within us and beyond us,

Calling us in our hearts to a future unseen.

Increase our trust in your providence,

Making our best efforts fruitful by your grace.


May we learn from Catherine to pray

Believing the outcome is in your hands,

But to act as though all depends on us:

For if we are truly and totally yours,

We live and act by your grace within us.

As in Mary, let what you have said be done in us.


May we resolve, as Catherine advised,

Be good today, but better tomorrow,

Moving ever forward with short, careful steps,

not great strides.

Help us to set our minds and hearts

On the grace of every new year,

With wisdom to open new doors

For those who wait to be set free.


Enlighten our inner eyes, to make a difference

In our world through the mercy we extend,


That it is from the mercy we have received


The blessing we offer comes, in Mercy’s name.


Sisters of Mercy Ministries, New Zealand Trust