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Principal’s Update


At the Opening Mass the College theme for 2020, Mercy for our Common Home was addressed throughout. When this theme was established the College community could never have imagined events that have eventuated since and how poignant this theme would be. For those sceptics who question providence here is some more proof. The theme was established to align with the planned roll out of various partnerships and programs through 2020. Read Reflection on College theme.

Through this year we will continue to visit the theme and how it relates to the various Pillars of our Future Direction document. The greatest challenge will be getting the Pillars to be something real and active in the planning and actions of the College. The Student Representative Council (SRC) will actively seek feedback and we are hoping for increased feedback from families.

On Friday, Samuel Angove, College Dux 2019, spoke of the need to be passionate about learning, to find a way to engage ourselves and enjoy learning; to have a positive mindset and never stop appreciating the importance of learning. When we talk of a common home, one of the challenges is that learning should be our common language, and therefore achieving academically is a common trait that is celebrated and valued.  When excellent results and high expectations become customary, then we have a common habit and a strong learning culture; a learning environment where we think critically, challenge each other and have conversations about learning. Read Dux’s speech.

Friday provided some challenging weather with considerable humidity in the Cathedral for Mass. We thank Bishop Shane and all the celebrants for their time and thank you to the students, families and staff for your support and reverence. We also thank the 2019 graduates who attended the Laureate Presentations in the Cathedral after the Mass and congratulate them on their excellent achievements. I think we can safely say that this new schedule will remain for future years. Congratulations to the teams that organised the Mass and Laureate. It is a special occasion in our calendar and one that we might think is common, but for many visitors who attend it is unique to their experience.

This year we will see our partnerships evolve quite quickly. There will be lots of information around REGEN, iGEN, Doxa School Bendigo and the Joint Use Agreement with the City of Greater Bendigo and Cricket Australia. Although it is not so common for schools to undertake community partnerships, they are being developed for the benefit of the students. We believe they are important for creating better facilities and better opportunities across the curriculum for all students.

On Friday, Mercy Principals, staff from Mercy Education Limited (MEL) and the MEL Board members will be visiting both campuses of the College. The College will be presenting the importance of the partnerships and reflecting on the benefits and future development of these partnerships. Information from the presentation will be circulated afterwards.

Have a great week.

Mr Brian Turner, Principal