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Principal’s Update – 27 May 2021


The Victorian Government has directed that all Victorians follow the rules for a Stage 4 Coronavirus lockdown commencing tomorrow, Friday 28 May 2021. The restrictions will be maintained until Thursday 3 June 2021. In time, the College will be directed on re-commencement next Friday, 4 June 2021.

Please understand that tomorrow, Friday 28 May 2021, is a designated planning day to prepare for the following 4-day lockdown and the introduction of the Remote Learning Program. On Friday, students will be notified about the details associated with the scheduled remote learning days and how the program will operate from Monday 31 May to Thursday 3 June.

In accord with the previous lockdowns, children who are vulnerable and the children of essential workers will be offered access and supervision at the College – please complete the COVID-19 Arrangements: Students who need to attend school Form. Please understand that the College is closed, except for those students. Those approved students will be completing the Remote Learning Program in the Sister Aloysius Martyn Building at Coolock commencing Monday 31 May from 8.45am. Buses will still be operating for those students.

This afternoon, students have been advised to take their laptops home and prepare for a remote-learning environment next week.

Our main concern continues to be the safety and wellbeing of all members of our school communities. This remains the focus of all local decisions.

We pray for the local families in our community who have been tested and are in isolation.

Yours sincerely

Brian Turner, Principal